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010: Top 10 Reasons Artists Need to Be Using Instagram Stories

Are you using Instagram Stories yet? Here's 10 reasons why they are a powerful, essential new tool for artists looking to build an audience.

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Examples of IG Stories We Like

Here are some quick examples of Instagram stories we like.

Click the images to play them and hopefully this gets the
creative juices flowing.

Offer Free Resources

Instagram marketing for artists


@elliepritts utilizes Instagram stories to give her followers a free digital photo. She executes this by including instructions on how to obtain this photo. People like free stuff, so give your followers free resources like this, or you can even utilize IG Stories to announce that you have free resources available elsewhere.

Question & Engage 


@packtography asks his Instagram followers to vote for their favorite photo. He executes this by asking his followers to comment their favorite photo, and the photo that receives the most comments wins. This is a great way to engage with your followers and to create conversations with them. This can help you grow your audience even further.

 Show Behind the Scenes


@eric_treece documents his storm photo shoot by taking his followers along the journey into the storm and then ends his IG story by showing his followers the resulting photos. Use this method to preview your new content or to offer professional shooting/painting tips to your followers. This is a great way to fascinate your followers by giving them an exclusive tour of your world and showing them how your photos are created.

Highlight Your Shoot Location


@kpunkka takes his followers with him to his photo shoot locations. His IG story is filled with breathtaking shots of the beautiful places he shoots at. He also blurs his professional and personal lives by showing off his personality as well as featuring his photography buddies. Your IG feed is not the only place for eye candy. Fill your story with beautiful on-the-go snaps of your shoot location, and let your followers know a little more about the person behind the camera by showing your personality!